Biblically Based Application

“WIN Life is biblically based, aggressive, and functionally sound in approach and application of strategy. We’re on track for one of the greatest movements of the Gospel in the history of Christianity. Your involvement is key.”

former Chairman IMB USA

led by the indigenous people themselves

“WIN Life’s field work is led by the indigenous people themselves. The goal of helping people spiritually as well as physically and economically adds to the effectiveness and power of this organization. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to work with this creative, energetic and effective team in raising up an ever-increasing harvest. It is my privilege to partner with them and I would encourage any other group to do the same.”

Pastor and ministry partner Kansas City, MO

I participated firsthand

“I was surprised to find out that, as the International Director of a growing organization, she shared with her the native people the same accommodations, a bunk bed in a rented facility that is also the office of the organization... I participated firsthand along with other pastors and co-workers, in her holistic ministries to children, women and the marginalized in the society with an aim to see the gospel of the Kingdom transform the lives in India and beyond.”

Rev. John Kuo Wu-Chang Conservative Baptist Church Taiwan

most competent field missiologist

“This is the most competent field missiologist I have ever known. What is happening (through WIN LIFE) is not happening by chance or accident. We're seeing a very remarkable move of the Spirit of God.  ”

Dr C. Peter Wagner Fuller Theological Seminary, Wagner University Pasadena, CA

many indigenous leaders

“I am particularly struck with how many indigenous leaders are in place, the amount of leadership training happening, the explosive growth, and the high level of integrity of this ministry in general. ”

Dr. Mark Tubbs  Harvest International Ministries Pasadena, CA