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Bringing Christ and establishing communities of faith where He is not yet known. WIN Life unites and equips leaders to see God’s Kingdom established in every community.

“I have made it my aim to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named…” - Romans 15:20 (KJV)

Strategic Church Planting


WIN Life mentors new disciples, establishes self-supporting churches, trains pastors, and catalyzes church planting movements. We seek to re-discover and put into practice the methods of Gospel expansion found in the Book of Acts. This commitment to Scripturally based and Spirit-empowered, native-led and indigenously-sustained ministry has resulted in large-scale movements to Christ in some of the most difficult regions of the world.

Native Led WIN Life empowers native believers in regions of the world having very little access to the message of Jesus Christ. Our native leaders are visionaries who have built devoted teams and established strong ministry bases.

COLLABORATION ACROSS DENOMINATIONS One of our passions is to catalyze united initiatives across multiple Christian denominations. When believers obey Christ’s commandment to love one another, and when we express that in targeted, purposeful collaboration to reach a goal that is bigger than any one of our churches or organizations can attain, amazing growth happens! We are therefore an interdenominational ministry committed to serving the entire body of Christ regardless of denomination or organizational affiliation.

TRAINING Discipleship and leadership training is our primary means of building the Kingdom. When native believers learn the Word of God and begin to move in the power of the Spirit, they receive the boldness to share their faith and to pray for the sick. Those who sense God’s calling to additionally become leaders of churches, receive additional training. These empowered leaders begin hom-based churches which are both mobile, low cost and also self-sustaining.

MINISTRY RESOURCES When pastors and leaders are equipped with cycles and motorbikes, they are able to reach the remote villages effectively. When they have access to Bibles, new believers become strong disciples and grow deep in their relationship with Christ. And to start a new church, typically all that is needed is a mat to sit on, a drum, and a tambourine!

PERSECUTION RELIEF & MITIGATION In many of the nations where we work, Christians suffer extreme persecution. They are often beaten, abused and jailed on false charges. WIN Life goes to their aid providing medical assistance, legal help such as bail and legal fees to fight the court cases. The rural pastors often don’t possess the education.

  • 285,665 Bibles distributed
  • 54,560 Leaders trained

Missions is God’s business and it should be done with excellence and efficiency.

Through research we ensure the dollars of our financial partners reap the maximum return.

WIN Life systematically tracks which communities have access to the Gospel and which ones are yet to be reached. We provide maps such as these to the pastors and evangelists who post them on the walls of their churches and homes and plot where churches are established and where they aim to go next.

Outreach &


BiblesWIN Life’s Network movement results in an average of 100,000 new believers each year. Most live in remote villages and rarely travel further than a few miles. A typical family’s income is less than $75/month. Without intervention, there would be almost no way for them to obtain a Bible of their own. Thanks to the partnership of VOM and others, we have so far supplied over 285,665 Bibles to new believers. Now they are able to grow deep in their faith as they study God’s Word.

CyclesAs a car is a necessity of life to almost every American, so in the developing world, a cycle is a native pastor’s basis of all transport. Many pastors wear out their cycle and are unable to afford a new one. Our financial partners have enabled WIN Life to provide thousands of cycles to needy pastors thus mobilizing them to reach new villages with the Gospel as well as education in basic hygiene, anti-trafficking and children’s literacy.

Church Start-up KitsSetting up a new church through WIN Life costs only $200! When a new family opens their home for a house-based church to be planted, the pastor needs only a mat for people to sit on, a drum for worship, and some Biblical material to help him disciple his congregation. So far we’ve been able to provide over 3,763 of these “Gospel Kits” thus fueling the ongoing planting of efficient house-based churches.

  • Bibles+ 285,665 Distributed
  • Gospel Kits+ 3,763 Provided

Biblically Based Application

“WIN Life is biblically based, aggressive, and functionally sound in approach and application of strategy…”

~ a Senior Missions Leader

Let's Win Lives Together