No Longer Screaming in Pain

January 1, 2020 by WIN Life

Dhanauta was suffering from cervical cancer. Her husband Ram Awadh took her to many doctors who performed various tests and confirmed it was cancer. But he did not have money for the treatment. So instead he took her to witch doctors and tried other means to heal her but nothing worked. Dhanauta used to scream at night due to unbearable pain.

One day, a believer who happened to know the family, went there for a visit and admonished them to repent of their sins and accept Jesus as their Savior. She also urged them to come to church on Sunday for prayer. But they did not want to associate with Christians and ignored her advice. Later, when Dhanauta’s condition grew worse, they decided to give the church a ‘try’ having done everything they could. They attended church on a particular Sunday, came and sat at the back and watched people singing and worshipping with great enthusiasm and vigor. The pastor’s message and words from the scriptures ministered to their broken spirits.

At the altar call, Dhanauta and her husband rushed forward, began to cry for their sins and ignorance, opened their hearts and received Jesus as their personal savior. A great peace which they had never known before entered their hearts. That night Dhanauta slept like a baby. They stopped worshipping idols and invited Jesus into their home. Their home became a sanctified haven.

Very soon, Dhanauta began experiencing major changes in her body. The terrible pain rarely came, and was less and less severe. She felt she had been healed of cancer. Her husband took her to the hospital for a complete checkup. The doctors thoroughly examined her. The pastor from the church also fasted and prayed for her reports to be normal. When the results came back, they were completely normal. To the amazement of the doctors, Dhanauta no longer had cancer! The doctors testified that only the hand of the true and living God could do this!


Dhanauta's story is just one among a steady stream of similar testimonies of miraculous healing that WIN LIFE is seeing on the field. Wherever our leaders share the Gospel and pray for the sick, God by His Holy Spirit heals incurable diseases and sets people free from demonic possession.

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