The Power of Prayer and a Life Transformed.

June 9, 2020

The name and picture used have been changed to protect privacy.

In many people’s eyes Arun was a lost cause. He spent his days stumbling around the village intoxicated or strung out on drugs. Each night, when he returned to his home, he beat and abused his wife and children. But as sobriety returned each new morning, so did overwhelming guilt, grief and self-loathing due to his actions the day before.

One day Arun found himself outside a local house church gathering. He had been taught to despise Christians, so Arun shouted at the believers, hurling insults at them as they arrived by foot or bicycle. Inside the house, the church service began, but outside Arun continued to shout and swear.

Then, in unison, the believers all began to pray for Arun. They asked God to heal him and to show him His love. As soon as the believers started praying for him, Arun fell silent. He made his way inside and was instantly overcome by the power and love of God. He testified about his addiction and confessed his deep longing to be healed.

His desperation was met with love. The pastor shared the good news of Jesus with him and told him how much God loved him despite his sin. That very day Arun experienced a transformation. The following week he confessed his sins and was completely delivered from his addiction. Arun is now a committed follower of Christ and a devoted and loving husband and father.

Are you going through a hardship or trial right now? God is reaching out in love to you, and His comfort and deliverance are only a prayer away!

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