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In the past 20+ years, TellAsia Ministries has provided education to tens of thousands of at-risk children, established self-sustaining schools, transformed families through vocational skills institutes and development projects, and put an end to human slavery and trafficking in hundreds of villages.

We’ve also brought Bible training and the gospel to those having no access to the message of Christ’s love.

Now TellAsia Ministries is branching into two strategic, focused organizations:

WIN.Global: TellAsia Ministries has birthed a new 501c3 organization named We Ignite Nations (WIN). WIN has inherited TellAsia’s children’s education, anti-trafficking and community development projects. WIN is a Christian humanitarian organization empowering communities to overcome poverty and injustice with sustainable win-win solutions.

WINLIFE.Global: TellAsia Ministries, rebranded as WIN Life, will expand our twenty-year-successful model of bringing Christ’s love and Bible training to those without access to the gospel message.

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